Daily forum chats

Hi I usually get a email every evening between 6:55 and 7:00 pm with most recent and popular threads here on Audiogon. This is the second evening I haven't received one. I have made no changes to my settings or preferences. Has anyone else had this issue?
Received my 'Monday Forum Follies' @ 7:35PM....the clockworks is up 'n running....

@tooblue , I reserve 'leg love' for those that need it....whether they'd enjoy it or not....:)  'Deserving' is up for debate....*G*
So I received my daily Audiogon daily top discussions today after missing them for a couple of days Yay! 
I found my original post was there,and along with it was some crazy off the wall responses that had nothing to do with with my OP. 
Why must things on this forum go from one topic all the way to WTF! are you talking about?
It's just my observation.
Happy Listening
I get 1 email at least daily, sometimes 2 a day, I think those are summaries