DAL SCIV - tweeters gone need help

Is it possible to get replacement tweeters for the SCIVs that will integrate properly? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry -- the other seller is www.partsexpress.com
and that's Parts Express, not Part Sex Press!
All,thanks for the responses. I took one of tweeters out and I went to the Madisound web site. It lists Dunlavy part number 1012 for 1" dome tweeter and equivalent part number D27TG35-06. They have a product on their site with part number D27TG35 but no -06. The picture looks like the tweeter I took out. However, the tweeter I took out has no part number on it. There are 2 strips of paper pasted on the side. Each has: DAL SC-X TWEETER QC______ pinted on it. One has initials penned in the blank. The other has 102A pinned in the blank. There is also an orange stick on paper dot on the back with 578 written on it.

What do you think? Is the D27TG35 the right tweeter?