DAL SCIV - tweeters gone need help

Is it possible to get replacement tweeters for the SCIVs that will integrate properly? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am not sure what you mean by series number but if you mean IV or IVa they are IV. I bought them in 94.

Mike, Yes! I'm talking about SC-IV. Somehow, IMO, later version of SC-IV is better than SC-IVA using scanspeak woofer.
For tweeter of SC-IV
SN 1-258:fabric dome tweeter
SN 259-1134: silk dome tweeter
SN 1135+: composite textile dome tweeter
Based on the serial numbers provided by Cdma it appears my tweeters would be the silk dome tweeter. Neither of the tweeters listed on the Madisound chart appear to be the right tweeter. The D27TG35 is a textile tweeter and the other is shielded, which mine is not. Looking at the Vifa product line I do not see a 1 inch silk dome tweeter.

Any other suggestions on where I should look?