Dali Epicon 2 or Monitor Audio PL100

I have a small home theater; 10 x 12 feet. I have a 50" Panasonic plasma on the wall. Under that is a Sunoko Vent AV rack and on the top shelf is where my center speaker sits. I am contemplating Dali Epicon 2 or Monitor Audio PL100 to the right and left. Depending on which bookshelf sounds the best, will determine which center speaker, I will choose - Dali Vokal or Monitor Audio PL150.
Anybody have any thoughts please on which is the better speaker please?
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Thank you for your response. I certainly prefer the look of the Monitor Audio PL100, so I am happy to hear this. The PLC 150 is also a stunning looking speaker and looks IMO much more exuberant than the dated looking Dali Epicon Vokal. But, one has to ask here - are we comparing like with like?
PLC 150 V's Dali Epicon Vokal - big difference in price!
I suppose I am a little old school in applying the old adage terminology- You get what you pay for.
Perhaps, the Monitor Audio is really just great value for money?
How about the Monitor Audio PLC150 V's the Monitor Audio GXC350? The latter here having an extra mid range. I have a hunch, that the GX Series from Monitor Audio was launched after the Platinium Seris (PL) and that is uses a similar tweeter and also sounds similar, but without the same exuberance in cabinet finish as the PL Series. Do you think there might be some truth in this?
The Platinum is a much better speaker. The robbontweeter in teh gold series is of a lower quality. The Platinum is a lot more natural sounding. The stage depth and width is also a big difference. Inside the Platinum Monitor Audio uses full silver internal wiring. In the gold series it is copper with a little silver. The difference in price is big, but also the overal sound. The PlC 150 is later put on the market. The Pl-200 is superior in speed and imaging compared to the Pl-300. I sold mine 300 and of many clients as well. We all play these days with PL-200 with a subwoofer. Before the Pl-300 I owned the B&W 800 S. I could not listen to classical music with the Pl-300. With the Pl-200 this changed as well.
I sold Dali for over 8 years as well. When it would be better, I would sell it. I can sell want I want. You can read in the answer that I sell it. I don't have anything to hide!
Hi Bo,
Thank you for your excellent advice. I have decided on the PL100's and I made my order, so the Dali no longer interest me.

However, PL150 V's GXC350...
Are you absolutely sure the PL150 beats the GXC350, or are they more closer in performance than you think?

If you are a Monitor Audio dealer (like the previous reader posted) and you have the PLC150 and GXC350 in stock, would you be so kind as to set them up in your showroom and give us your own personal opinion?