Dali Euphonia MS5- Speaker cables - & I/Cs?

about to take delivery of my MS-5s. Will be pairing with Perreaux 750p monoblocks, Sony SCD-1 source, and currently using the Perreaux Radiance's pre-amp output. Am expecting to buy dedicated pre-amp, and other threads suggest a tube pre-amp best fit for these speakers.

Very curious as to owner's experience with these tri-wirable speakers ... have been very happy with the Audioquest Earth Series for all my other speakers, and thanks to Audiogon been able to source these at reasonable prices.

Would appreciate owner's recommendations for speaker cables in particular, I plan on no more than 4ft from mono to terminal, was expecting to buy a single wire for bass, and SBW for mid/treble

Thanks in advance
I have the Helicon 800's which are very similar to the MS5's, and I have found a nice "synergy" using Synergistic Research cables. These seem to add some additional depth and accuracy to the soundstage and they make several different cable types to taior to your desired sound. I am using the Signature 10 X2's and I like them very much.

FWIW I have also found a tube pre is the way to go with most speakers. I have an Aesthetix Janus and I think you would be hard pressed to find anything objectionable about it even if you normally like solid state preamps. I am not familiar with your amps, but the Sony is known to be less than forgiving, so a tube pre may help depending on the balance you are trying to achieve.
I am running Audioquest CV6 with mine.

Just did a demo of several IC's and the cleanest clearest sound was with some inexpensive Homegrown audio Silver braided interconnects. I had never liked anything silver in the chain before. They were just a bit bass shy, otherwise fantastic.

The overall winner in my system were the Van Den Hul the First Ultimates. These have the best bass(not the MOST) I have ever heard in any interconnect. They have definition, natural bite, and are layered and well if you like bass you just have to hear them. They also throw up the largest soundstage in any cable I have heard.