Dali Helicon vs. B&W 805 and Paradigm Signature

I've got a pair of Paradigm Signature 2s which I'm quite happy with, but I'm itchy to try some new speakers just for fun. I've heard the B&W 805s and thought they were great, but a different flavor. I'm also interested in the Dali Helicon 300 but haven't been able to do a side by side comparison. I'll probably get a loaner pair to audition sometime soon, but I thought it would be fun to hear what others have to say about the comparison. Those Dali's are fine looking speakers and I'm definitely looking for "better" rather than just "different".
Lets get this shoot out even more interesting. lets bring in the tyler line. What say ya?
btw I'm the one that coined the phrase for audio comparisons , yrs ago when I joinded this site I brought in the idae ofa "shoot out at the OK Corral" between different electrostats. remember only one gun will remain standing. All must die execpt one, the fastest and best gun sligher.
also should mention I never bought a electro based on that very long page discussion.
I know B& W sound, believe i know the Paradigm, Dali don't know.
I think the 805's sound aggresive, I really liked the Dali when I heard them a few months ago but you really gotta go hear em' wich I am sure you will.