Dali Mentor 5, PSB Imagine T, B&W CM 8

Any thoughts on these speakers paired with a mid-quality receiver (Marantz 5005)? Looking for set of small towers for a smallish urban living room.

Thought I'd just pick the B&W CM8 or Paradigm Studio 60 (prefer B&W of the two) but then heard others inc. Dali (used so in the price band), Totem Arro/Sttaf, PSB, MA RX6 and now I am thoroughly confused. Aware that I need something that the Marantz can drive. And btw, I KNOW the best answer to these questions is always to compare them but its just impossible to hear them in the same place and get a clean comparison.

Thanks for any thoughts!
It is frustrating because the sound of component systems is always specific to each user/upstream gear. For that reason, reviews don't help much. Whenever possible I try to buy with a return policy or borrow demo equipment from dealers. Best Buy is selling the CM8 and CM9 speakers and they have a very liveral return policy. Whatever you do, don't be in a hurry. Listen to as many of these speakers as your patience will allow.

I replaced my Rotel amp with a MD 208 and it completely changed the sound of my planar speakers. Now I'm thinking of upgrading them, CM8 with my B&W sub might just do the trick.