Dali speakers

I would like to hear some opinions from owners of Dali floor standing speakers.
Particularly the 6's, 7s
I did get a Chance to preview the walnut Epicon 8s and they sounded wonderful, but not looking for 20k a pair speakers. 
I've had the Epicon 8's for almost three years now.  They replaced a pair of Quad 2805 that were completely rebuilt by Electrostatic Solutions.
If you listen to jazz, vocals and small groups, Quads are for me, the standard of low level listening. 

The Epicon 8's do this.  And they do it very well.  All associated gear makes a difference.  They also play loud.  There are times when I see 90 db peaks which is way freaking loud and all the music is still there.  I found them fairly easy to set up.
I run them with a Luxman 509x, modified MHDT Orchid, Shunyata interconnects and Nordost speaker wire. 

I'm also a musician, and am sensitive to the  whether the timbre of an instrument or voices is off.  Some recordings leave much to be desired. 

If you're in Washington state, come on by for a listen.

Dali Euphonia MS5
Helicon 400

I own both, and both are exceptional speakers. The Euphonia’s can be tri-wired! The Helicons sound similar, but the MS5’s are just More. My 26 years old daughter after listening to them (and she’s an avid concert go’er said, “Dad that’s not just music, that’s an experience!”