Dallas DFW speaker crossover repair gurus that you'd trust

Looking for a speaker / crossover expert in/around the Dallas Fort Worth area who can test or upgrade or fix my speakers.  I always have something I'd like an expert to look at but don't trust your normal "speaker repair shops" who are not accustomed to specialized higher end products.

People I WISH were in Dallas:  Danny Richey with GR Research and Bill Legall.

Anyone know anyone?


Crossovers are not rocket science DIY your own repair or upgrade and learn by doing seems like a win-win to me.

Is there more of a story here than what's been told so far?  Capacitors are simple to replace and coils almost never go bad. Unless burnt, resistors also rarely go bad and are should be easy to replace.  The only issue sometimes is getting access to the crossover. 

Of course, the other issue is when people want to change the crossover from what the manufacturer designed.  Crossover design, measurement and listening tests are a challenge, so this begs the question of why you want to change the crossover design of a speaker you originally thought enough of to buy.