Damn! My Foolish Heart--I keep coming back to this tune.

For about five years I visit "My Foolish Heart" on Bill Evans’ ’Waltz for Debbie."

I think this an incredible tune, musically and sonically. It flows. It’s well recorded. Go take a listen on vinyl. Do you hear endless decay from the symbals? The audience is palpable. And the music--it just flows.

People hand out "Kind of Blue" on college campus and hip scenes once one hits 19 years old--if you run in those crowds. This album, Waltz for Debbie, is a cannonball in the cannon of the golden age of instrumental jazz. SF on bass is insane too.

But back to My Foolish Heart. Give that a listen or discuss below...

I love Bill Evan's version with Tony Bennett. That entire album is one of my all time jazz favorites. Tony at the peak of his powers too.

The album opens up with " Young and Foolish" and a touching version of " Waltz for Debbie" which make you even appreciate the instrumental rendition even more...what an amazing song.

" Some Other Time" is another heart breaking gem as well.
John McLaughlin’s solo acoustic guitar version of My Foolish Heart on the Thieves And Poets album is very well done.

Agreed- the Bill Evans catalog is a treasure awaiting discovery.

Happy Listening!
Good choice. This has been one of my go to selections for over 10 years. A classic.