Damn! My Foolish Heart--I keep coming back to this tune.

For about five years I visit "My Foolish Heart" on Bill Evans’ ’Waltz for Debbie."

I think this an incredible tune, musically and sonically. It flows. It’s well recorded. Go take a listen on vinyl. Do you hear endless decay from the symbals? The audience is palpable. And the music--it just flows.

People hand out "Kind of Blue" on college campus and hip scenes once one hits 19 years old--if you run in those crowds. This album, Waltz for Debbie, is a cannonball in the cannon of the golden age of instrumental jazz. SF on bass is insane too.

But back to My Foolish Heart. Give that a listen or discuss below...

John McLaughlin’s solo acoustic guitar version of My Foolish Heart on the Thieves And Poets album is very well done.

Agreed- the Bill Evans catalog is a treasure awaiting discovery.

Happy Listening!
Good choice. This has been one of my go to selections for over 10 years. A classic.