Dampening Floor Vibration in Apartment

I am looking for a solution to dampen the vibration of Klipsh-Heresy speakers on the floor of an older apartment building as a courtesy to my neighbors (sort-of :)


Any thoughts are welcome.


I'm thinkin' a heavy throw rug and decouple the speakers from the floor. Air would be the quietest for the neighbor. Anything touching the floor you're gonna have to be careful. Springs are dirt cheap, pods there are some better than others and air ride is air ride. Rubber anything, there is still bass coupling.. I sure like the way bellowed pods work for the listener. The neighbors I always went with air..

We went from waves in his pool to a slight 1/4" foam. :-)


Won't make any difference if the speakers  have bass it will go rhrough any material 

The AV Room Service EVPs are good down to 4 Hz.  They really tighten up bass by reducing the sympathetic vibrations of the floor.  They have a 30 day eval return policy.  No affiliation, just a happy customer.