Damping Top of CDP

I just got a Music Hall CD25.2 for a second stereo system. With my other player, a Sony 222ES, I got a significant sound improvement by sticking a Bright Star Audio Little Rock 5 on top. I was thinking of doing the same for the Music Hall but wanted to consider less expensive alternatives.

Are those 3M sheets any good? How about that gel filled bag (Gutwire?) they sell at Music Direct? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Get a Radio Shack project box.
They come in various sizes and fill them with pennies.
Not only does this provide the mass loading but the copper provides shielding.
I dampend my Arcam9 on the inside cover with a product called" BrownBread", this has dampening sticky side for attachment and aluminum on the other for heat absortion. it is a British prouduct and can be ordered from any dealer that sells any english produck like rega for instance, it cost me $26.00 Canadian, the 3M product sounds to me to be in the same vein.Good Luck Ernest.
I've used an old brick with a piece of bubble wrap under it and that seemed to work well, my version of the "majic brick". Experiment. Oh, and Gumbei, where do you find lead shot filled Gumby action figures, I've got to try those. SEMPER GUMBY (always flexible)
Some of the DVD player tweakers are using a peel and stick floor tile from Home Depot. Simply cut to fit and stick it on the inside top cover of the player.

I've never used this tweek, but it seems to be common with the neuvo tweeks over at AudioAsylum and other sites.


I'd try a side of beef wrapped in butcher's paper. Fleshes out all the inner detail you can handle. In a month's time you'll have a kinetic audio sculpture, and the movement of the maggots will act to stabilize those nasty vibrations even further still. The magic "indicator-bone" lets you know it's time to replace it with another. If you can't spring for a good side of beef then my second choice would be some rolled up sod from the garden-supply store. I don't recommend pulling another bolt off the Golden Gate Bridge as my green buddy, The Gumbilator, suggests. I got mine pre Patriot-Act. You get caught wrenchin' out one of those puppies these days and your family will be relocated to Downtown, Buttfukt while they erase all their memories of you with a Dremel Tool. Believe me, premature ejaculation, hair loss and your consumer credit rating will cease to be your primary concerns, Keemosabee! Now if you're talking Brooklyn Bridge, well now, I can part with a little piece of that given the right price!