Dan D'Agostino is back with a new line

Dan D'Agostino (ex-Krell) is back with a new line of products sold under Dan D'Agostino Inc name.

His first product is a cool looking Momentum Monoblock Amplifier. Preamp to follow.

At $42,000 you would think a boutique in LA, Chi, Dallas, and New York would do the trick, ala Cello
Their upcoming preamp is going to contain a digital media server. It will be good to see high end companies start do develop and improve the digital server sector of the audio market. It is the future. It seems D'Agostino is planning on making new headway in that arena.

Nice looking design on his new amps. I'm a little disappointed in their size. Hey, I know size isn't everything, but I expected 'big iron' from the creator of Krell. I've never owned Krell, but I have always lusted after their big iron.