Dan D'Agostino is back with a new line

Dan D'Agostino (ex-Krell) is back with a new line of products sold under Dan D'Agostino Inc name.

His first product is a cool looking Momentum Monoblock Amplifier. Preamp to follow.

Yeah, "one of the world's...." would have been more appropriate and accurate - not sure he would sell one more amp by claiming the crown. Yet, a very important designer he certainly is, and good to know he is staying in the business with a new venture. I would hope anyone willing to buy a $42,000 amp is well beyond the vagaries of the up and down economy.
That is UGLY. It's like they took the MX-R and handed it to a blind man for aesthetic "upgrading". Orange/copper? Really? And what a blowhard; it's almost as if he's trying to convince himself that he is still relevant.
Have to agree with you Bar81. The high end is getting like art - absurdly expensive and worthless if no one wants to buy it.
Bar81- I am with you 100%. I bet they had to build all the factory doorways extra wide so he could fit his big head thru them. What a stroke....
Retro kool! The combination of modern sculpture with a touch of classic reminiscent a time machine. Their read out display looks to be watch inspired. Like gazing into face of some fine mechanical timepieces. Would be nicer bigger though. Now, how the sound..