Dan D'Agostino is back with a new line

Dan D'Agostino (ex-Krell) is back with a new line of products sold under Dan D'Agostino Inc name.

His first product is a cool looking Momentum Monoblock Amplifier. Preamp to follow.

That is UGLY. It's like they took the MX-R and handed it to a blind man for aesthetic "upgrading". Orange/copper? Really? And what a blowhard; it's almost as if he's trying to convince himself that he is still relevant.
Have to agree with you Bar81. The high end is getting like art - absurdly expensive and worthless if no one wants to buy it.
Bar81- I am with you 100%. I bet they had to build all the factory doorways extra wide so he could fit his big head thru them. What a stroke....
Retro kool! The combination of modern sculpture with a touch of classic reminiscent a time machine. Their read out display looks to be watch inspired. Like gazing into face of some fine mechanical timepieces. Would be nicer bigger though. Now, how the sound..

Sounds like he wanted the money a capital investment firm can bring, but didn't like the strings attached. Since this is in court, all we get are carefully crafted PR pieces by the lawyers.

Here comes a non-compete lawsuit...