Dan D'Agostino S250 MxV enough power for Wilson Audio Alexia V

Do you think the Dan D'Agostino S250 MxV will provide enough power at 250 watts stereo for the Wilson Audio Alexia V speakers? 

Speakers say 90 dB @ 1 Watt @ 1 Meter @ 1kHZ.  But at 1kHZ the speakers impedance is 6 ohms.  What happens to the sensitivity at 85 HZ when the speaker impedance is closer to 2.5 ohms?  I guess at 2 ohms the S250 says it will put out 1,000 watts.  


Hopefully it's enough for the Alexia V!  My last amp the Levinson 33H monoblocks were only 150 watts.

I use a Pass Labs 250.8 to power my Sabrina X’s, which have similar power demands, with no problem whatsoever!


My S250 is driving my Alexia V no problem.  At about half way on the meter it's incredibly loud.  I feel like at full power I might blow drivers?  I'm not sure I've seen the meter go to 3/4 power level.  But I'm not sure how fast the analog meter responds to peak levels?  I've watched real time power on a digital QSC Q-SYS amplifier before and it's crazy how fast a quick power spike goes from 50 watts to 1200 watts then back down....