Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks type music, any others?

Listening to them on the way in and was wondering if there are any other bands/groups that do this kind of genre? Seemed like at one time it was called "Dog Music"? I Googled Dog Music and nothing really came up except maybe a CD for a poodle. Always been a favorite Sunday morning drink your coffee type of tunes. Any suggestions?
Thanks, John
Go to Pandora and build a Dan Hicks station. I just did and got several related artists.
buy all of the Dan Hicks albums . . . including the one he release a year or 2 ago. Good stuff.
You should be looking for "Dawg" Music,as in the acoustic small group quasi- Bluegrass/Swing Jazz genre as titled by mandolin player David Grisman.That Dan Hicks sound is a hybrid in it's own right,recalling groups like the Cats and the fiddle and other Black 30's and 40's string Jazz groups but adding his own wry vocal style and the female vocal harmony of,if i recall correctly,Mary Anne Price-a sweet voice and a face to match.The reference to "Dawg" music might be that both of the musicians came out of the Mill Valley area.Take a look at the music of Rebecca Kilgore and the group BED...on Arbors records.This is a little more musical and sophisticated than Hicks but will get you going in the right direction.
Dan Hicks

How can I miss him when he won't go away? LOL

I saw him on the Tonight show many years ago, he's a tall feller...

If I can come up with anything I will post later

good luck