Danger to LCD from Main Speakers Vibration?

I have a Sharp Aquos 52" LCD sitting atop a very wide and low cabinet (114 inches wide). Due to room space constraints, I'd like to move my front channel speakers (JBL three way with 12" woofer) up onto the cabinet on either side of the television. Sharp Tech Support won't commit to advising me on this probably due to legalities. Has anyone ever had any experiences - good or otherwise - with housing a larger LCD television on/in the same cabinet structure which housed full range or fairly full range speakers? Thanks.
The speakers are mid 70s vintage (L-65s) so I doubt they're shielded. I'd be placing them 18" - 20" away from the LCD screen to either side...
LCD TV/Monitors are not affected by unshielded devices. Only CRT's are subject to problems caused by magnets.

goto monoprice dot com and buy a wall mount for $30 and mount the LCD on the wall.

If you are really concerned get some Aurio ProMax or Aurio Pro bearings and float the speakers on the stand. Expensive but it works and the sound will clean up on your speakers. Or a cheap method would be some herbies feet or something that has a money back option.

I doubt it would cause that much of a problem otherwise if you can not wall mount the TV then you need at lease some t type of isolation under the TV like a Ginko platform or some other DIY solution for isolation. The biggest problem will come with vibration being introduced to your DVD/CD player and degrading the sound.