Daniël Hertz M6L preamp.

Is there someone who knows this preamp. An what do you think about that ? It will be a pleasure to hear  somethings about that préamp.
thanks, Lukaske.
This is Mark Levinson's new company and that preamp is designed by him. I recently emailed him about a noisy ML23.5 but got no response, zip, nada. I am a pensioner and saved up a long time to buy one of these excellent amps. He did not even have the decency to reply

Hope he treats his new customers better than his old
I actually sent an email to Daniel Hertz enquiring about one of their speakers and Mark called me back directly to discuss.
He spent over an hour presenting the brand and philosophy and was very pleasant.
Also proposed to visit him in Venice (Italy), where he is based now to demo his products.
If anything don’t hesitate to contact them? Unless you want third party advices, which might be hard to come by. The brand is not very well knows. He even says, we’re an engineering company, not an advertising one.
Fair point.