Danish Lust

Have to admit, I am smitten. Borresen is my next stop. I am looking for help from any among you who have experience with Borresen. My goal is to understand what I can expect in terms of differences between the X6, Z5 and O2 with all things equal, from the room to electronics. I am avoiding a dealer audition (AB) because I do not want to waste their time. I cannot currently afford new Z5 or O2s unless they are pre-owned, so I would only be using the dealer to make my own determination of which I prefer. I suppose I would purchase the X6 from them, but am guessing that that it might not hold up to the Z5 or O2. The used market puts these three within a similar price range where I need to consider each as potential end-game for me. Please, I am NOT looking for alternatives to Borresen or for opinions from those without experience. Thank you in advance!


I have a lot of substantial time with Everyth8ng from the Danish audio group

and every speaker in their X-Line and have heard 1 of the Z line 

the AAvic integrated and Ansuz all pure synergy ,not not totally necessary .

email me with any questions, I have been to several audio get togethers 

As well as Blink Audio ,way to much to put into a paragraph .

Each range gets better but much much more $$ ,the Xseries is a exceptional value 

and from the many I have directly compared them with at get togethers  not equaled in their respective price class once properly setup ,.quality components a must for they bring out details lost in most other Loudspeakers.

I'd say just go for the X6 and be happy.  If you're only banking on getting Z5, O2 in the used market how often do they come up for sale?  You might be waiting forever.  Get the X6 now which you can afford and if the others do come up snag em and sell the one you don't like.  That way you can really compare in your own room and your own ears not anyone else's.  It's all part of the journey so have fun!