Danny Boy - Recommendations

I have several versions of Danny Boy, but am looking for some really inspirational versions. My current favorite version is from Jhenna Lodwich on her All My Loving CD. If you do not know her, I would recommend you give her a try.

Any recommendations of your favorite versions would be appreciated. Please provide artist and album, if possible.

Belafonte at Carnegie Hall...........Close your eyes and listen to Harry singing this song..... BEAUTIFUL !
02-10-11: Martykl writes:

John McCormack, the great Irish tenor ...

I'm not sure if he ever recorded the actual "Danny Boy", but - if you like those sad Irish ballads, I'd check him out, anyway.

I mentioned John McCormack in a post just above yours! He has done "Danny Boy" and glorious it is. I wrote:

There is a fabulous version of "Danny Boy" on a Telarc SACD called "A Celtic Spectacular" with Erich Kunzel - Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Just beautiful singing by the tenor John McDermott. Track 15. Excellent sonics, as would be expected from Michael Bishop.