Dared MC-7P Preamp Replacement/Upgrade

Is anyone on here a former user of the out-of-production Dared MC-7P that moved onto something as good or better.  I bought a $6K preamp thinking it was going to be big upgrade but found myself missing the slam and articulation of the Dared.  It wasn't worth hearing some subtle details to me by losing all the attack and excitement of the Dared.  Hoping someone can recommend a tube pre that has those qualities.


Cary SLP98 is very good or you might try the Schitt Freya+ on the budget side.

Thanks for the recommendation.  The Dared has 2 transformers on it which I think gave it that slam and accuracy.  Im wondering if that is something I need for that sound.  

My SLP-98 is never going anywhere, it sounds just the way I like my gear to sound. Musical, dynamic, and sweet when the music calls for it. I have never heard a Dared but execution is more important than design type.