Dared MP-7 Problem

I have been using a Dared MP-7 SE amp with 7 watts in a small system with 88db efficiency speakers. They sound very good just not quite loud enough to fill the room. I just purchased a pair of Cain and Cain Abbys with a 95db efficiency rating. The problem is when I connect the Abbys to this amp the Cats Eye Tube tells me I am overdriving them the minute I hook them up, NO VOLUME. I can also hear a high-pitched oscillation. I can turn the volume up But it sounds like I am over driving them, as the sound seems soft. The abbys seem to work well with my SS equipment. Whats the Problem?
Sounds like something with the Abbys, as I've played many different speakers with my Dared.
Good luck!
Ok solved the problem. I replaced the Chinese 12AU7s with EI tubes and that was it. WEW Seems that the 12ax7s and the 12Au7s didnt like each other with the Q of the drivers. This change was suggested by the rep that sold me the equipment.