Dark Horse DAC

Doge Dac 7 MKII is probably not on your radar. Maybe it should be.

(52) Doge 7 Tube DAC Review ! The Best DAC Award 🏆 - YouTube

I took a chance and decided to buy it. Not completely broken in, but already 

performing way beyond expectations. Check out the Doge website and read/watch the reviews. For me this DAC is a game changer. Comments??


I've had one a few years and agree it is great. I swapped out 

the original tubes with nos Telefunken and GEC. Have an R26 

on the way to see what all the fuss about r2r's is about and will


Came close to buying the Gustard R 26 Discrete DAC. My hearing seems to be ultra-sensitive to brightness/glare and I didn't want to take the chance.

Your Doge must sound amazing with the NOS tubes. I will probably try that at some point. 

Let me know how your new DAC stacks up.

The Gustard R2R26  is a very good dac with exceptional Japanese build quality 

and as with any dac uses respectable aftermarket powercord ,the Pangea awg14-MK2 which uses Cardas best -0 crystal copper ,and synergistic Purple fuse 

really brings out addeddetail and resolution a 2.5amp slow blow fuse 

Jays Iyagi is a shill 🙄 I never take anything he says about gear seriously.