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Doge Dac 7 MKII is probably not on your radar. Maybe it should be.

(52) Doge 7 Tube DAC Review ! The Best DAC Award 🏆 - YouTube

I took a chance and decided to buy it. Not completely broken in, but already 

performing way beyond expectations. Check out the Doge website and read/watch the reviews. For me this DAC is a game changer. Comments??


@Brauser I know where you coming from because the Doge 7 mkii is my reference and I too wonder how it could be any better. There’s a guy that reviewed three different tube dacs that preferred one called Audio Note I believe and of course everyone says Lampizator is the best. Another observation I made was the Gustard makes an annoying noise between songs where Doge is perfectly quiet and smooth. The Doge is much better and definitly worth the extra 500 bucks. I’m guessing anecdotally in my case, the tube dacs are the all around more impressive tech than the R2R ones in terms of realism.I should note for full disclosure my interconnects are just blue jeans unbalanced so far for the Gustard and have much more expensive liquid unbalanced interconnects that came in a hazmat case on the Doge. If I switch out interconnects and hear a difference I'll report back.

 Changed my mind on the value proposition. If I didn't already have a Doge I 'd pick one up before they ran our. Until I hear something better it hard to quantify but if any one of these is try a giant killer it the Doge imo

The Doge 7 MKII is going away. Remaining units on the Doge site is on sale and when they're gone they're gone.