Dartzeel and Evolution Acoustics Dealer in U.S

Who is the new dealer for the companies in the united states. I just found out  and saddened by Jonathan's passing.


Best answer I can give is to contact both companies and see what they tell you.

@snook2 - Maybe private message member mikelavigne - Mike has both Dartzell and EA in his system, and I believe from some posts of his on WhatsBestForum that he was reasonably close to Jonathan so he might have some insight for you

Just contacted Herve' at Dartzeel. He told me that DARTZEEL AMERICA INC. is also going to be the gateway for Evolution Acoustics. Gonna take a little time to get it set up, as Dartzeel is working on it's product line first, and then they'll bring the EA line up to speed. John Stone can probably give you more information