Dartzeel, Soulution or VTL 7.5 Series 2/3

Greeting to all
I'm in search for a very low output impedance preamp and better than Audio Research Ref 3. I like the Arc Ref 3 but feel 600ohms is a bit too muh for Mcintosh MC 501's
It'll drive the Wilson Sophia 3 with source being the Esoteric K03.
I also think swap out preamp will be cheaper than power amps.
All suggestions on pre or power amp wre welcome
Happy listening!
Hi Primare,

CJ GAT is 100ohms output impedance. I do not know about the ET3 but believe it is similar. I have compared Ref 3 in my system and Ref 5...like both. Did not upgrade my ACT 2 to Ref 3, instead considering it more lateral move particularly for the money. Definitely preferred Ref 5...but also did not go for that. Found demo GAT and am not looking back. Hope that is helpful.
VTL 7.5 mk 3 is a great preamp. I don't know how to describe it other than the a merging of the magic and musicality of the mk 1 with the detail of the mk2 with better bass. Actually amazing bass and everything. Highly recommended. Full size images float but are solid and layered.
Thank you all.
What do you think of the Allnic L3000A? Is it better than the ARC Ref 3?
The VTL 6.5 should be on your list. Very good value and better than much out there in its price range. The ARC Ref 3 is great at its strengths but it's weaknesses need to be considered and bass is a big one. The newer ARC preamps are better in this regard as are many preamps.

Allnic is a foreign company. Made in Korea. Not to be biased but there is great American product put there that is very reliable and will make most people very happy.