Darwin Ascension: audio video revolution review

I'm happy to have been of help and glad things worked out for you. I can get a bit effusive when it comes to something I really like and just wanted to help get the info out on these cables.

As for the ICs, all I can say is squirrel away a bit here, a bit there, and it just may work out for you. These cables aren't going anywhere anytime soon. :-)

All the best,
Hi Roxy54, I regret that I have not updated the cable information on my Symphonic Line system. I will get on that! Yes, we build them and we use them! Naturally I have upgraded from to the Darwin Ascensions.

My Symphonic Line system has been key to the development of the Darwin cables. It is very resolving. I have tuned the room from scratch. I have other Symphonic Line gear not featured on this site we use to test XLRs as well as other cables. Before any cable ever "makes the cut" it is blind tested in a variety of superb gear.

I am beta testing some amazing speaker cables, too! Watch for the announcement. We really appreciate the interest in our design.
Since this is an Ascension thread, I won't add my review yesterday of the Silver IC (unbalanced). While my experience with them may have a happy ending, getting there wasn't pleasant for the most part. See http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?rcabl&1339938342&read&keyw&zzdarwin