David Crosby R.I.P.

Dead at 81.


Shi**y past several years. 

too many people passing.


im sure no one’s reading, but condolences and respect to friends, family. 

Saw CSN at high and low points, and remember especially a ~2010-ish show (well post-transplant, as well as post SS vocal decline) at the Fillmore, where the band was super-tight and Crosby sounded like a 30-year old again...


RIP, David...

RIP David Crosby, indeed 

As the son of two baby boomers, I am so grateful that I was raised on The Byrds, CS&N etc.... I'm now a fan in my own right and I just bought the David Crosby and Graham Nash album from 72 in my local Record shop a few days ago. I loved his harmonies, and a handful of songs that he wrote are absolute masterpieces in my opinion....

Long time gone
Almost cut my hair
8 Miles high
Wooden ships
Deja Vu