DAW vs Alexia 1 vs Sasha 2, descending order of $$

Having recently heard the DAW, and Alexia 2, they are very close in performance the $$ suggest the DAW is a great value. I have Sophia 1 Wilson offers a generous trade in program, that said its still a lot of money, so my thinking has been to just get the DAW (my heart, my head says get the Alexia 1 CPO or Sasha 2 CPO) Not being independently wealthy, getting Either the Alexia 1 or Sasha 2 seem like sound choices, and trade up again later a couple years from now. My question is would you spend 10k more to get the DAW and stretch a little to make it happen or buy the lesser siblings and trade up in a few years?

Compared to my Sohpie 1s.

What would you do with the given choices.
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the degree of empty emotional opinion, absent objective controlled analyses of numerous variables associated with speaker and electronics models, is almost laughable and amateurish when comparing high end gear.  
Bumping this again, as I'm still in the same conundrum.  
I've ~$35k (on the USED market) for:
-Amplification (integrated or separates)
(cables will be Transparent Gen 5 Ultra and source is Lumin T1)
The only speakers I am considering/want are: Alexia, Sasha 2 or Yvette. 
I would LOVE Alexia, but I can't think of a good integrated or pre/amp for 10k on the used market to drive them as they deserve. Maybe Pass Labs INT-250 could get me started.  Maybe Simaudio Moon 700i (doubt it) - thoughts?
So, I'm leaning toward Sasha 2 with better power (thinking Pass Labs or ARC pre and XA60.8 mono blocks).  
Anyone hear that combo, or think that wouldn't be enough grunt to push the Sasha 2s?  I don't believe (based on JA's Alexia review in Sterophile) that the XA60.8 would be enough for Alexia.  
Also considering Yvette with Pass or Simaudio 700i.  

What would you do, and why? Would love to hear your thoughts on the above. Thanks!
There’s a used Gryphon Diablo for <$12k listed on the internets. Might be worth searching the net for opinions...
I don't think XA60.8 will be enough to do proper justice for any of those speakers.
My Yvettes will be here for Christmas !!  Dealer let me audition them in home for 4 weeks. I also auditioned Rockport Atria IIs in home for 4 weeks.  I could not live with the beryllium tweeters in the Rockports. The soft dome in the Yvettes are smooth and did not burn my ears off,  like the beryllium tweeter of the Rockports.

You do need power/current to drive either speaker. My Pass XA160.8s do so effortlessly. 

It took me since Axpona 2016, to rebuild my system after being a Spectral owner for 20 years. The Yvettes are replacing 14 year old Avalon Opus speakers.

This will be my final system in my 31 year journey of chasing High End audio; unless I win a Large lottery. My wife laughs at me and says that I am lying. I swear, This is my final system. I could upgrade one of the phonostages though. Maybe ?

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.