DC motors and outboard power supplies...

For those of you with analog rigs that utilize a DC motor and outboard power supply....I'm wondering:

1. How often do you check to see if the platter is at correct speed?

2. How often do you have to fine tune the speed adjustment?

3. Once fine tuned, does it stay throughout the listening session, or do you need to make adjustments throughout?

4. Would you be willing to comment on which table you are using?

Thank you for your comments.
Here is what I do: I turn on all the equipment for at least 30 minutes; including my Galibier SE. I check and adjust IF necessary before the 1st LP. Then I recheck and fine tune if needed on the second LP. The bearing oil needs to warm up. I have never found that I have to readjust but I do occasionally re-check during a long listening session.
Hi Santanaali,

Thank you for responding. Just so that I understand, if you go a few days between listening sessions, are there times when you first check the speed, that it is different from what it was at the last listening session?

Thank you again for sharing your experiences with me.
1. About once a week or after a long time off.

2. Very rarely.

3. It plays at speed during the listening session and for many, many days, but I check it from time to time anyways.

4. I'm using the Acoustic Signature Mambo. Its bearing is self-lubricated, so it does not use oil. The bearing is made of a material called Tidorfolon, which, as I understand it, is composed of offerrite, vanadium, teflon and titanium. The outboard Alpha power supply generates its own frequency and therefore is not affected by power fluctuations.


I use the Origin Live dc motor and controller on a Oracle turntable. I find that the temp. of the room has an effect on the speed. If i let the room cool off or heat up the speed will change slightly, but it is audible. Letting the motor run for 15-30 min. prior to listening helps warm up the motor and oil in the turntable bearings. If i maintain the temp. in the room and i check the speed before every listening session i usually never have to adjust the speed. The Origin Live motor and controller is very accurate and the strobe will vary the slightest amount at the very begining and very end of the lp. The instructions for the Origin Live say to adjust the speed when the stylus is in the center of the lp , this gives almost perfect speed throughout the lp.

The largest improvement came from removing the Oracle motor and making a motor pod for the Origin Live motor and allowing the motor to sit on the turntable stand instead of the plinth or base. This removed all the vibrations that the motor generated and now my turntable is extemely quiet. To see if your motor is generating vibrations and transmitting it to the turnable put your ear against the plinth with the motor running and if you hear noise this may be heard during playback.
No Regrets; I find that since my rig is in the basement there is a wide variation of ambient temperature. Being so affects the bearing oil temp until it has reached a stable temp. I live in the Colorado Mountains. I do find a more measurable need for checking speed accuracy during the winter months then I do the summer months (which are few)!