DCC2 with Hard Drive, Subwoofer?

Interested to hear reviews from anyone using the Emm Labs DCC2 in conjunction with a hard drive and also want to know if you can integrate a subwoofer when using the DCC2.
I had that setup until a few months ago: PC source feeding a DCC2 SE, with my sub being fed from the DCC2. See my living room rig. The key for great sound was using an empirical audio USB-to-AES converter between the PC and DCC2, and having the right setup at the PC end. The sound of a song ripped and played from the PC was indistinguishable from a CD played from my CDSD transport.

I used a Y-connector from the single-ended L/R pre-outs of the DCC2 to a single cable to my sub. And I ran balanced L/R pre-outs to my amp.

If you're thinking about the DCC2, I highly recommend going this route. I haven't heard a better DAC. My only gripe was that it only goes up to 24/96 and I wanted to play higher rez source material. But I may end up going back to the DCC2 because I liked it and haven't seen much 24/192 source material yet.
Great info -- out of curiosity, where did you get the Y-connector? Do I understand you correctly to say that it is a balanced interconnect from DCC2 to your amp, but the Y splits off to a single ended interconnect for your subwoofer?
I read it again. I think I get it. Y connector with the Two RCA end going into the DCC2's L & R RCA outs and One RCA end going into the SUBWOOFER, so that the low frequencies from the DCC2's L & R would go to the powered Sub.

Then, XLR's from the DCC2's L & R to your amplifier's L & R channels.

Am I right?
RM -- I am in Marin County. Oakland is just across the Richmond San Rafael bridge. It'd be interesting to bring my Apogee Mini-Dac over and A/B it with the
DCC2. The Apogee has XLR outs.