Hi, came across a pair of QEDs, which from the outer appearance, in very good condition. Because the rubber cover cannot be removed cannot tell the under the hood condition but Im assuming good also for its age but prepared for  potential issues. So a few questions, any general thoughts on this 40 year old speaker? Do you recall if the surrounds are foam or rubber, and based on the description what would you consider a very fair and not insulting to the seller price offer? This would be mated to a Yamaha cr 820. Thanks much, Dave
A fair price for the QED's would be about $250. Your Yamaha CR820 will work just fine, though I encourage you to eventually get a pre/power amp similar to my own setup. DCM speakers do really benefit soundwise from better quality electronics! Enjoy!
@roberjerman,  I remember Ampzilla. I didn't know he had a son
@OP, DCM is one of the speakers I still remember from my early forays into hifi stereos. They and Vandersteen are etched into my mind.
Roberjerman thank you very for your insights, I learned a lot. I will follow up should I be able to pick them up. Gdnrbob glad that I was able to spark a fond memory. Dave
We carried both DCM and Vandersteen in the 80's
I think the TW are OK for sure
brighter than Vandy of that time....but good sound for sure
I still want to see roberjerman's list of gear squirreled away....