DCM Time Window 7 - AMP & PREAMP

I’ve Found out that I’m the owner of 1 of only 200 pairs of DCM TW7 speakers ever made.
I am running 2 Carver A500x amps in mono block mode into these speakers. The speakers are rated at 700W max into 4 ohm. The Carvers in Mono Mode are 800W.

My question is …does anyone else have these speakers and what kind of amp are you using, and what are your thoughts on the DCM Time Window 7?
And to the Tube AMP experts I ask, how many watts would be appropriate for these speakers? They are efficient at 92DB, but they're still power hungry.

I am thinking of introducing a Tube PreAmp into my system and take the Denon out…any suggestions for something under 1k?

My system:
Denon AVR 3300, Emotiva XDA-1, Rotel 991 AE, (2x) Carver A 500x, DCM Time Window 7.

I don't know the 7's but my brother got one of the earlier models which sounded very good with a Hafler amp. ...just guessing, I suspect that your speakers are better than the electronics you're driving them with. I was never fond of Carver's amps....
Thanks Hifihvn ...very cool and informative stuff :-)

Everyone have a Merry Christmas
Dfgkali--You know where to get a pair of these? I have a big DCM collection, and would love a pair of TW7'S!!!
DCMlover - how appropriate! you gotta send me a couple of pictures of the lineup.

How much would they be worth to you? I know 2 people who have a pair all 3 of us bought them together, I accidentally discovered them and everyone followed me.

Give me a number, I honestly don't know, I know I wouldn't sell my set for a penny less than a ridiculous amount! after all as you very well know there were only 200 pairs ever made and they're all paired with each other.

email me a picture/Direct to