DCS and Aurender customer service

I want to comment that not only do the respective products work really well together but also that I have continuously received outstanding communication with them concerning technical assistance. I’ve had zero problems with their products but have needed a little setup guidance in order to extract the maximum performance from each unit. My experience with both companies has been stellar. I can’t say that about every company that I’ve needed assistance from. FWIW
DCS?  Really?  They give me better silent treatment than my wife could ever do, once they found out I got my DCS second-hand. 

Imagine you drive your second-hand Toyota to the dealer for service, and they wouldn't care to schedule a service appointment just because you didn't buy it directly from any Toyota dealer.

I sold my DCS stack and would never consider DCS again because of that.  
Well I’m truly sorry for that. Maybe I was just lucky. I corresponded with the two main US guys via email. I bought new gear but hate to think that had it been used the story would be different. It’s very short sided to be dark for ANY customer. 
No experience with DCS but Aurender customer service is top notch. During 5 plus years of ownership, nothing but positive interactions.