DCS Bartok APEX or LINA and master clock

I have a DCS bartok that I can get upgraded to APEX or I can sell the Bartok and purchase a DCS Lina and Master clock.  The cost would be about the same any thoughts on which would be better.

I have a pre amp already so I don't need the Bartok preamp functionality.

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I haven't heard the Lina DAC, but he Apex upgrade to the Bartok is significant in terms of the improvement to sound quality - it makes the DAC more musical and less mechanical/digital sounding.

It looks like to upgrade my Bartok is going to be right around $10,000. I sure hope it sounds great! That’s pretty steep for a deck that already sounds amazing. 

Interesting. It was only $9k to upgrade my Rossini. I have a Bartol as well but for headphone use I feel like the APEX upgrade won’t be worth it.