dCS Bartok Apex vs any similar priced DAC

I’m about to upgrade my system from scratch, the speakers will be ATC SCM50ASL Classic active. I don’t have any records, digital rips only on my Innuos Zen MINI & LPSU. 

The dCS Bartok Apex direct into the active ATC is where I want to go. Any opinions about any better matched DAC / DAC streamer/preamp combo that’s better matched to the ATC ?


Thinking WEISS 501, Esoteric N-05 XD, Chord DAVE



I tried the Mola Mola Tambaqui in my system. In my system I prefer the soundstage,and tonality of the Chord Dave. The Dave's bass is significantly better than the Tambaqui...at least in my system. 

I haven’t considered the Mola Mola. I’d prob just go with the Makua and add the optional DAC/Streamer board if I went that way.

You may want to look into The Premiere DAC by MSB Technology.  I believe it’s in the same price range as the Bartok.  MSB Technology is a California based audio company with highly regarded DAC’s. I have their Discrete DAC after 2 years of owning a Lumin X1 and I strongly prefer the MSB DAC. I’m not familiar with your speakers and how they’d match up with this DAC.  Regardless, try to find a dealer that will let you demo any of these DAC’s at home. I found A/B testing in my home the best way to compare components. Good luck.