I'm considering to buy a new DAC, iv'e already heard the dcs bartok and it seems to be a wonderful DAC.
Iv'e got a lot of recommendations about the denafrips terminator-plus but i still didn't try it. Does someone have a conclusion which of this two options is better.
Thanks a lot !
Thank you all , you really helped me a lot. I've heard couple of DAC's they all sounded fantastic but i decided to go on the lumin x1 , it touched me a bit more than the rest.
Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend :)
Just ordered the Bartok... Should arrive in the next week or so. I was also looking at the Terminator Pus....and getting the Giai Clock...

My dealer auditioned the Bartok against a Nagra DAC and my current Aurender A10...  The System was a pair of Wilson Sasha DAW's powered by a Gryphon Myphisto with $40k worth of connectors...

Oh My Goodness... We started at really low volume - The Bartok literally owned the audition with such superb definition, dynamics and detail. Even the bass at super low volume was all there - super tight - balanced - so easy to listen to as we increased volume. Never shrill... Sound Stage like I've never heard before.

So the Bartok is almost $13k with no headphone amp....and the Terminator was about $6k plus the clock was another $3k..? I can't remember...

So - We were not able to demo the Denifrips against the Bartok.... But Holy Sh&T - The Bartok stood it's ground so well....and those reviews... 

Good Luck..!

I have heard the Terminator II, PLUS and now 12th Anniversary along with the DCS Lina and Clock combo which is very similar to the Bartok.

There is no real winner between the PLUS or 12th Terminator and the DCS. The Denafrips will be about low noise, effortless musicality, incredible detail retrieval while staying somewhat low key and with some warmth as well. It’s what we think Analog should sound like.

The DCS is a little more forward but energetic. Music emerges further out from the speakers and has more life and zing, but it doesn’t have the depth of the Denafrips. A different presentation for sure but both are equally stunning when it comes to sound. Some will prefer the DCS for it’s enhanced energy (though it is never lean, always has body) and drive some will choose the Denafrips for its larger soundstage and richness.

No "better" here, just differences. The Lina is a streamer as well, with the Denafrips you will need a Streamer.