Dcs Bartok without pre amp or going cheaper with pre amp

Hi all,
it feels crazy going back to this money pit of a hobby (all hobbies are the same though). I used to patronize Audiogon some 20 years ago, heck I even bought my last gear a pair of Cary 805 from a member here. FORTUNATELY I quit the hobby some 17 years ago (due to life circumstances) and UNFORTUNATELY my wife who plays musical instruments is starting to lust over higher end audio. It was like a wildfire, the bug immediately caught me again!!! 
Now, I have been fortunate enough to be offered a pair of NOS BNIB with full warranty  gen 3 Mcintosh MC75 monoblocks for a price much lower than the original MSRP when it was still available some years ago, in fact the shop still have 2 more pairs. I also sourced a pair of pristine condition Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage for a good price. 
The problem is, I just spent 70K on luxury wrist watch just last month and I don’t feel right digging deeper on our saving just a month forward. So in order to save a bit of money and lessening my guilty feeling I decided to cap my budget on completing my ‘initial’ system. I have zero interest in Vinyl or CD, so it’s digital only for me ‘right now’. After exhausting 4 days marathon of browsing and researching, I concluded that I have these two options;
Option 1 = a pair of new MC75 + pre owned SF Guarneri Homage + new dCS Bartok + NO Preamp
Option 2 = a pair of new MC75 + new C22 Preamp + pre owned SF Guarneri Homage + pre owned Esoteric D-07X DAC + new Aurender N100H. Why the old Esoteric DAC? Because I live in Indonesia and that was the only pre owned high end standalone DAC I could find under $5000 after 4 days of hunting and scouring the local marketplace.
As for my music taste, I like it to be very analog and warm, my ear is very sensitive to uber detailed high and I just cannot tolerate the SS sound. Back on the old days, I used to constantly change my gear from the puny Marantz amp to the higher end Meridian system and never feel happy until I found my Cary full tube setup. Before switching to tube I was actually very enraged for spending that much money and having my ears hurt by the sound of the old days SS system, I know that modern SS amps are thousand of years ahead of the SS amps from a couple of decade ago but I just have 0 interest on SS amps. 
Please advise me on which direction I should go to ‘initially’.... 

thanks in advance folks!! 
I know some might advise me to get Mcintosh C2700 so I can complete the system with an addition of Aurender N100H. I was thinking the same too but my dealer quoted 3 months of wait for C2700 and I just gotta have it now
it seems like I am contradicting myself because obviously dCS and Esoteric are both SS DAC. What I meant by zero interest in SS is more like full SS setup from top to bottom. For me, there is gotta be a tube somewhere on the link, ideally Preamp or Power amp to give that extra ‘romance’ far from ‘sterile’ feeling. Some of the best system I have heard are mostly mixed, so I am only not favoring full SS system. 
my experience w the bartok, which i own, is that for some reason i prefer it with a preamp. that said the dcs dacs are supposed to have great volume controls and the company encourages direct connection to an amp. fwiw