Dcs Bartok without pre amp or going cheaper with pre amp

Hi all,
it feels crazy going back to this money pit of a hobby (all hobbies are the same though). I used to patronize Audiogon some 20 years ago, heck I even bought my last gear a pair of Cary 805 from a member here. FORTUNATELY I quit the hobby some 17 years ago (due to life circumstances) and UNFORTUNATELY my wife who plays musical instruments is starting to lust over higher end audio. It was like a wildfire, the bug immediately caught me again!!! 
Now, I have been fortunate enough to be offered a pair of NOS BNIB with full warranty  gen 3 Mcintosh MC75 monoblocks for a price much lower than the original MSRP when it was still available some years ago, in fact the shop still have 2 more pairs. I also sourced a pair of pristine condition Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage for a good price. 
The problem is, I just spent 70K on luxury wrist watch just last month and I don’t feel right digging deeper on our saving just a month forward. So in order to save a bit of money and lessening my guilty feeling I decided to cap my budget on completing my ‘initial’ system. I have zero interest in Vinyl or CD, so it’s digital only for me ‘right now’. After exhausting 4 days marathon of browsing and researching, I concluded that I have these two options;
Option 1 = a pair of new MC75 + pre owned SF Guarneri Homage + new dCS Bartok + NO Preamp
Option 2 = a pair of new MC75 + new C22 Preamp + pre owned SF Guarneri Homage + pre owned Esoteric D-07X DAC + new Aurender N100H. Why the old Esoteric DAC? Because I live in Indonesia and that was the only pre owned high end standalone DAC I could find under $5000 after 4 days of hunting and scouring the local marketplace.
As for my music taste, I like it to be very analog and warm, my ear is very sensitive to uber detailed high and I just cannot tolerate the SS sound. Back on the old days, I used to constantly change my gear from the puny Marantz amp to the higher end Meridian system and never feel happy until I found my Cary full tube setup. Before switching to tube I was actually very enraged for spending that much money and having my ears hurt by the sound of the old days SS system, I know that modern SS amps are thousand of years ahead of the SS amps from a couple of decade ago but I just have 0 interest on SS amps. 
Please advise me on which direction I should go to ‘initially’.... 

thanks in advance folks!! 
it seems like I am contradicting myself because obviously dCS and Esoteric are both SS DAC. What I meant by zero interest in SS is more like full SS setup from top to bottom. For me, there is gotta be a tube somewhere on the link, ideally Preamp or Power amp to give that extra ‘romance’ far from ‘sterile’ feeling. Some of the best system I have heard are mostly mixed, so I am only not favoring full SS system. 
my experience w the bartok, which i own, is that for some reason i prefer it with a preamp. that said the dcs dacs are supposed to have great volume controls and the company encourages direct connection to an amp. fwiw
What do you guys think about Audio Note 2.1X Signature? I could spend almost the same amount of money as no preamp + dCS Bartok option and instead have the system complete with pre amp by going to AN 2.1X Signature+streamer. 

A dealer suggested AN based on my description, he claimed that AN will do magic on less than perfect stream files like Spotify. He happened to have a new AN 2.1X Signature for a good price and I managed to find an as new pre owned Auralic Aries Master/High End version (the first) streamer for a good price too.

I know AN DAC will not decode DSD/PCM/MQA but based on some reviews and the dealer’s mouth even lowly Spotify stream will sound amazing on AN 2.1X Signature and I just love my Spotify so much.

So now which system should I lean to? Complete system with C22 pre amp with Audio Note 2.1X Signature OR without dedicated pre amp and use the volume control from dCS Bartok?

No more problem. Went to my dealer today and he gave me a price I couldn’t refuse for Bartok. Picking it up in two days, can’t wait.... 
Get a used Antelope Zodiac Platinum with the audiophile Rubidium 10m clock. It has a great preamp section and top notch 44.1 to DSD DAC