dCS Network Bridge or Auralic Aries G2 ?

Can anyone help me to decide,
If money is not to be the parameters for decision making,

which one should be the better unit to buy ?

dCS Network Bridge or 
Auralic Aries G2?

and why ?

Thank you very much in advance
Kind regards,
Can you tell us a bit more about your requirements and related equipment?  What are your priorities?  

I don’t have experience with any dCS gear.  However, I just purchased a G2 and am in the process of initial home audition.  It’s too early to form strong opinions but so far, I think it’ll meet my needs.  I also have experience with Aurender (I own the N100H), Bluesound Node 2 (I have 2 of them in simple systems, and I auditioned the Lumin U1 Mini - nice but was bested by my Aurender.  All very good for their price points but all different flavors of a streamer.  Their respective apps are also a consideration.

If money is really no consideration, then you should also be looking at the Aurender W20, Linn’s top of the line streamer, and pairing the Aries G2 w/ the outboard clock and/or the Vega G2 DAC to share resources (at least according to Auralic).  

Thank you mgrif,

My objective is to be able to listen thru NAS and streaming thru Tidal MQA.

Currently I'm using Melco N1A
And Chord QUTEST for DAC.

Thank you