Dcs Scarlatti upsampler with Elgar Plus Dac

Has anybody had a chance to experiment with these two units together?
I am using the Verdi, Purcell, Elgar Plus stacks and looking for the best way to play hi res music from my computer. Scarlatti upsampler has the usb input designed specifically for this job but obviously it is meant to be paired with the Scarlatti Dac. I don't see any difference at all between the Elgar Plus and Scarlatti in terms of function and connecting schemes.

Is it possible to pair these two together or do you need to have any software upgrade for the Elgar plus?

Appreciate all knowledgeable comments.

You may want to check out their web site. Its been a few years but I remember reading a paper put out by Arcam/Dcs that went over, in great detail about how to setup a computer for audio. It was meant to be read by someone that going to be using Dcs equipment. It was a very thorough guide. You may find it helpful.