Dd67000 crossover points?

The midrange driver covers 850 to 20,000 CPS. Thoughts on a single drivers covering such a wide bandwidth? Do any others speakers do this? Pros & cons?


@erik_squires . More from same research-

Oohashi and his colleagues recorded gamelan to a bandwidth of 60 kHz, and played back the recording to listeners through a speaker system with an extra tweeter for the range above 26 kHz. This tweeter was driven by its own amplifier, and the 26 kHz electronic crossover before the amplifier used steep filters. The experimenters found that the listeners' EEGs and their subjective ratings of the sound quality were affected by whether this "ultra-tweeter" was on or off, even though the listeners explicitly denied that the reproduced sound was affected by the ultra-tweeter, and also denied, when presented with the ultrasonics alone, that any sound at all was being played.'

@ptss Very interesting!!!

My speakers are flat to 30kHz, i wonder how much of that I’ve been experiencing??

I’ve also read positive things about damping ultrasonic resonances in tweeters during crossover design, but I thought that was because of distortion artifacts being introduced at a lower frequency.

Along the same lines, I wonder how much of our perception of music and sound is through our skin, and therefore how poorly our measurements may understand human perception.

That’s very interesting.  Can you share what some of those subjective comments were with and without the ultra tweeter?  I am curious how it was perceived.

@james633 . Thanks. I'll be looking into-for fun :)

@jc4659  from my post  AES preprint 3207 by Oohashi et al.  I didn't look into much detail - but it would be interesting for sure. As erik_squires mentioned, perhaps skin?