Dd67000 crossover points?

The midrange driver covers 850 to 20,000 CPS. Thoughts on a single drivers covering such a wide bandwidth? Do any others speakers do this? Pros & cons?


That’s very interesting.  Can you share what some of those subjective comments were with and without the ultra tweeter?  I am curious how it was perceived.

@james633 . Thanks. I'll be looking into-for fun :)

@jc4659  from my post  AES preprint 3207 by Oohashi et al.  I didn't look into much detail - but it would be interesting for sure. As erik_squires mentioned, perhaps skin? 

I distinctly remember a very unique "sensation" - that was more than sound- when going into a Jazz venue in Seattle back in early 80's.  Big venue, high ceilings, horns and cymbals full tilt. Exciting.  Perhaps Erik is right- skin picks up those ethereal sounds. Magic :)