Dead Can Dance reissues - not happy

I recently purchased Into the Labyrinth, the Debut, and Towards the Within based on positive feedback.  Well, I am very disappointed in the sound quality.  It sounds forced, bright, and, well frankly, overdone.  Is the MOFI like this or should i just get the originals for a few more bucks?
I bought The Cars self titled and Shake It Up both MoFi and although the are clean they sound forced to me. I bought Heartbeat City remaster from the original analog and it blows the MoFi's away. Don't think I'll be buying any more MoFi's except the for 50 packs of inner sleeves. Those are some awesome inner sleeves and I clean all of my new LP's on a Record Doctor using the Nitty Gritty #2 solution and replace the inner sleeves. 
I just received the MOFI today and from listening for a few minutes, I can confirm Wharts findings to be accurate and I also found on the MOFI some distracting distortions early on side one where the MoFi actually reversed the channels from the original. The reissue is better.
After listening to side 1 of the MOFI, it does not sound right. Sounds like channels are reversed.  Maybe the rest of the record is better, but for side one, the reissue is much better.