Dead Can Dance's Into the Labyrinth

Anybody on this one? Just picked it up, after hearing Srajan, from 6moons, talking on Audio Asylum, about this cd he heard at the CES Show in Las Vegas. Actually, what I'm interested in is Dead Can Dance. Other cds. Background. Whatever. thanks in advance. peace, warren

Start from the end of this band's career and work backward. Lots of great stuff recorded quite nicely. Also, their solo projects are worth the money. You might find the soundtrack to the movie "Insider" at a pretty cheap price, and it's good stuff.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Check out the DCD "Spiritchaser" as well. Excellent dynamics with exciting, surprising sounds. Each cut is unique. Start with the spacey & brilliant 'Song of the Stars'.
***I urge you to turn off the lights, light a candle (or whatever your pleasure may be) and listen LOUDLY from start to finish.***

BTW, their CD "Within the Realm of of a Dying Sun" was a dissapointment to me.

In a similar vein, try to locate the oop Beasts of Paradise "gathered on the edge" CD.
I can tell you a little bit about them. I have 2 cd's - "Aion", and "Within the Realm of the Dying Sun". Both very good, and interesting, though probably not among my favorite cd's. The one thing I'll say is they are unique.
There are many musicians playing on the cd's, but the primary members are Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. Lisa Gerrard is now solo and has done a lot of movie soundtracks, inclding "Gladiator" and "Whale Rider". I have her cd "Mirror Pool" which is better than either of the DCD cd's I have. One track on it, "Sanvean" is the reason I bought it and was played in a West Wing episode last year. It's a beautiful, haunting piece.
I've only heard sample from "Into the Labarynth", enough to confirm it's pretty similar to their other stuff which I already have.
hope that helps . . .
Into the Labyrinth is the best one I think and the vinyl is supposed to be even better sounding. Spiritchaser is pretty good and the sound is very good. DCD is no longer together. There is a box set available with a DVD.