Deal Fellow REL Owners

Up until now I was borrowing a good friend’s 7’ PS Audio power cables for my pair of 212SX. I am now without my subs until I can find replacements. I am not going to spend a dime on cheap cables just to have music. I want to make a thoughtful purchase. I am hoping to cross paths with other members who have had a chance to demo PCs with their RELs and learn what they have found. My power is coming out of a PS Audio PowerPlant 20, if that helps in any way.

My thinking so far:

  1. I can go "cheap-ish" on these compared to what I would use for a source, line stage, etc?
  2. I probably do not have to match other PCs in my loom?

I am now on day 11 without music because I have been stuck... unable to pull the trigger. I have a pair of Anticables L2 PCs in my cart and it’s what I’m going with unless otherwise persuaded. Appreciate anything you have on this specific ask, hopefully from fellow REL owners. Thank you!

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I have a REL R-328. I had an extended back and forth with REL about power cords and they told me that they had done extensive testing and had *not* found that after market power cords made a difference. I did a bunch of comparisons between the stock cord and a 9 awg Pangea cord and could not hear any difference at all. That's all I know, but it was enough to stop my search for PC's for REL.

@hilde45 Thank you. Helps validate my thoughts. It's possible the Anticables L2 are overkill. How long ago did you reach out to REL? I may contact them as well.

I’m running a pair of old G2s now with van den Hul Mainsstreams. When I had the single G2 I tried several different power cords. I started out with AQ Tornado source and high current cables as replacements for the free cords that came with the equipment. I ended up trying a Shunyata snake something something, Zavfino Silver Dart and Majestic 2, DH Labs Red whatever, Signal Cables, and Acoustic Zen, the middle one not the Gargantua. The power through the vdHs gives me deeper, cleaner bass than all the others. Signal Cables were second. Majestic 2 worked better than Silver Dart. Acoustic Zen, Silver Dart, Shunyata, and DH Labs all bordered on useless. Yes, I moved them around and gave them all a good listen.

Special mention to Acoustic Zen for ignoring my requests for a return.