Deal Fellow REL Owners

Up until now I was borrowing a good friend’s 7’ PS Audio power cables for my pair of 212SX. I am now without my subs until I can find replacements. I am not going to spend a dime on cheap cables just to have music. I want to make a thoughtful purchase. I am hoping to cross paths with other members who have had a chance to demo PCs with their RELs and learn what they have found. My power is coming out of a PS Audio PowerPlant 20, if that helps in any way.

My thinking so far:

  1. I can go "cheap-ish" on these compared to what I would use for a source, line stage, etc?
  2. I probably do not have to match other PCs in my loom?

I am now on day 11 without music because I have been stuck... unable to pull the trigger. I have a pair of Anticables L2 PCs in my cart and it’s what I’m going with unless otherwise persuaded. Appreciate anything you have on this specific ask, hopefully from fellow REL owners. Thank you!

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Here's the exchange: 

REL Support (REL Acoustics)
Apr 16, 3:52 PM PDT 2020
"A while back, REL tested some third party power cords with our subs but did not find a noticeable impact." 

You've got some nice gear.

Arguably, nothing from the speakon cable too. Naturally-YMMV. The best thing to invest in is time for setup/placement.

Looks like you've done that. Pricey cable for your setup is simply-"just because."

@dalims4 Thank you for your the synopsis of your findings. You and @jerryg123 mention Signal Cable and they seem reasonably priced. Which Signal Cable did you have that was second to the vdHs? I checked vdHs' website and do not see PCs?

@tablejockey Thank you. I really sounds amazing and does everything I had hoped, which is also why I need to match or best what I had with the old PS Audio PCs. I am dreading a step back in some way while hoping for an improvement.