Dealer Called.."Your Speakers are In"

Just picked up my KEF LS50 Meta speakers... I have them connected to a Sound Artist SA-200ia integrated amplifier with a Node2i as a source playing Quobuz.......I’m dumbfounded! After just two hours of listening to many cuts that I know like the back of my hand, they are magnificent! The bass from a 5.25" drive is freaky good! I have an SVS subwoofer to use with them, but so far I’ve not turned it on. Without any setup, just sitting them on a couple little speaker stands I built for casual listening, placed on the fireplace hearth, the imaging and "air" around instruments is amazing. Vocals rival all the other less expensive speakers I’ve been auditioning. The SA-200ia is turned up to the same place as my Klipsch RP600Ms and ELAC 6.5/2.0....Quite efficient. My Magnapans MMG and KEF 103.2 require much more "volume knob" for the same output. And so far, these speakers bury all of the above! I guess you sometimes really do get what you pay for! More comments to follow, but upon first listen, I think I found my "Forever" speaker!
Yes point sources can be fantastic. The speakers will likely sound even better after being played a while. I’ve never heard the LS50’s but was super excited to hear the Blades, then later Blades 2 at audio shows years ago but for some reason the demos weren’t very good. The sound absorption tech in the metas seems interesting. Wonder if something like that could be added inside other speakers, like mine where the rear plate can come off.
Congratulations. It’s always a wonderful feeling to find what you’ve been looking for.  Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the music.